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Articles » "Esential" series

The keratin

Keratin is a fibrous protein structure that forms part of the outermost layers of vertebrates and other organisms. Keratin hair primary component is in the outer layers thereof in the form of "alpha keratin", ie that the protein that comprises…


The raspberries

The raspberry (Rubus ideaus) is one of the oldest berries known and used, not only in food and aromatic, but also in the way of medicine with different applications. The etymology of the technical name (Rubus ideaus) or the Latin…

The oats

Etymology The term "Oats" comes from the Latin word Avena sativa and the term comes from the Latin word sativus-a-um, meaning "one who cultivates or plants." Cultivation Oatmeal is an annual plant. You can sow both fall for shipment in…

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