The keratin  

Keratin is a fibrous protein structure that forms part of the outermost layers of vertebrates and other organisms.

Keratin hair primary component is in the outer layers thereof in the form of “alpha keratin”, ie that the protein that comprises it folds on itself to form a spiral (a-helix protein) that confers resistance feature.

Hair Keratin is classified within the family of fibrous proteins. Its features are long chains of secondary structure, insoluble in water or saline and skeletal function relizan high strength. The interior of the hair (cuticle) is also formed by cells that have keratin and these are the ones that give the color and brightness characteristic of each hair.


A proper hair care, brushing is not aggressive, no pollution and other chemicals in the air and an extra supply of keratin, help maintain and strengthen this structure to maintain brightness, color and proper resistance.

The keratin without salt is widely used in capillary dermofarmacia to reinforce the structure of hair and smooth and its absence in salt prevents external moisture from it. Result: straight hair and strong.