The raspberries  

The raspberry (Rubus ideaus) is one of the oldest berries known and used, not only in food and aromatic, but also in the way of medicine with different applications.

The etymology of the technical name (Rubus ideaus) or the Latin “Rubus” meaning red and “ideaus” meaning “Mount Ida”, which is a mountain of the Greek island of Crete where it is believed to be discovered this fruit.

The shrub produces raspberries is a deciduous shrub that is between one and two meters high. The raspberry is very similar to the blackberry brambles, with the difference that retains its color raspberry red ripe stage of the fruit, while the delay, it becomes almost black when ripe. Raspberries grow mainly on roadsides.

Contain active principles, among others, citric acid and phenol which is known to have a significant antioxidant effect.

source wikipedia