The company  

In 1830 King Ferdinand VII honored our inherited the title of Apothecary to His Majesty, for the services provided inthe supply of medicinal plants to the armies that fought in France and England, and in recognition of the healing power of these plants gave the shield real, which consists in this booklet. Since then, we continue faithful planting, cultivating and trying among other products the Avena sativa L, from which we extract the purest extract we use to make our products Kamel OATS.

The Avena sativa L is an annual plant of the family Gramineae cultivation widespread, active principles which have soothing and softening properties, it is also antiseptic and strengthens the defenses against possible infections and fungi. Thanks to its emollient, is slightly paragraphs of certain skin diseases and other difficult-ORY APPRAISAL especially eczema several varieties besides activating the skin metabolism. The Avena sativa L, is the result of prolonged maceration oat grains propylene glycol and sunflower oil. With this process we extract the active ingredients: avenin (glucoside), carbohydrates and minerals. All formulas that incorporate the well containing oat extract water from the Fountain of Health Viladrau, which for its properties, complements the formulation of these products.
Active ingredients:
oat grains cultivated and extracted from “Ca l’Herbolari” contain an estrogenic substance, 55% starch, 2.2% sugar, 14% and 5% proteids lipids. They are very rich in calcium and other natural substances.